Coaching in Schools

HireAPitch UK has been delivering coaching services for schools, community centres and registered sports clubs for over 5 years. 

Partnering with HireAPitch UK the burden can be taken off the school and its staff in delivering a comprehensive sports programme term by term. A school can use HireAPitch to cover one session or partner with HireAPitch, sending our qualified and DBS checked staff to deliver all coaching programmes throughout the year in line with Ofsted Requirements.


HireAPitch can service your school in 4 ways 


1) Playground Provision.

The playground programme is aimed to improve lunch time behaviour and increase activity levels whilst reducing senior management time to attend to incidents. 

With our dedicated staff on site providing a fun filled break and lunch time atmosphere and all equipment provided your children are safe in our hands.


2) After Schools programmes

Catered for all ages the active after Schools programme is intended to increase the activities on offer at school. These not only include sports activities but also Drama and Arts & Crafts. Typically an after school programme will run from 315-6pm also allowing parents the chance to pick up their children late from school if needed.

We also offer an extended morning club.


3) PE Programmes

HireAPitch coaches work along side senior management and your PE department in the delivery of PE curriculum throughout the school year.

This will include structured lesson plans, playground provisions, school leagues and competitions and evaluation criteria and reporting.


4) One off sessions

Often children need something different on offer in their normal PE programme. Our staff can come in for a day and deliver a fun filled PE lesson to all ages. The session can be discussed prior to the day and a session of your choice with a specialist coach can be selected.


Some of the services offered:

Active PE Programmes

Childrens Assessment (weekly or term by term)

Absentee monitoring and reduction.

Programme development and implementation.

Staff Training.

Sports Days.

Lunch time and after school clubs.


For more information and pricing or if you wish to book an event please call our dedicated team on 020 3589 4612 or email 

How to book

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Partners and Listing

If you are a venue, coach or referee and want to list your service with us please do email our business development team and we can send out a brochure.
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