School Lettings

Is your school looking for extra revenue?

Partner with HireAPitch in the letting of your facilities. Whether you have a fitness studio, an indoor hall, an outdoor football pitch or a venue that can host all possible activities we can help sell your activity spaces to our customers in evenings, weekends and during non term time.

All hireapitch venues run at 90-100% capacity so we can be sure to provide you not only a quality customer but the revenue you desire.

We do not charge any commisions for listing so it really is a win-win.

Request a brochure or a meeting by emailing our business development manager Jay Styles.



Is your school looking for venues to run its PE and Games Lessons?

 HireAPitch offers schools exclusive off-peak discounts and rates at facilities across the UK. Accomodating all sports, we can be sure to find a venue within a 20 minute radius of your school.

Can't get your kids to the venue. Do not worry, with our dedicated partners we can put you in touch with transport providers to offer exclusive discounts on travel.

Simply, tell us where you are based and how we can help in the delivery of your games lessons by emailing 


Is your school looking for a coach?

 HireAPitch can provide coaches in schools to facilitate your games lessons and PE activities from 5-18 years of age. With our dedicated coaching team qualified in all sports and coaches across the UK we can be sure to provide your children with what they need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.


Want the Overall package

If you would like HireAPitch to cordinate your PE and Games Lessons and organise everything from the transport to the delivery of the session at our venue this is something we would love to assist with.

Similarly with our partners, all across the UK, if your school has a space that can be developed into a sport pitch our affiliates can assist you with development of sports pitches at your school.


For further information on all our packages and to be sent a brochure please email or call 020 3589 4612

How to book

If you like what you see please call 020 3589 4612 to check availability and book.

Should you have any questions you can also email us
We are open 9am-10pm Monday-Sunday.

Partners and Listing

If you are a venue, coach or referee and want to list your service with us please do email our business development team and we can send out a brochure.
Email Jay Styles:

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Since launching in 2014 we have held more than 100 corporate and team building events. From sports days, bubble football and wacky ‘it’s a knockout’ themed events to country pursuits and ‘murder mystery’ dinners, we’ve catered for groups as little as 8 to 1000 people.
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